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50 YEARS strong ...

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THOUSANDS of charities HELPED!

What is All Charities?

The All Charities Campaign is registered as a Private Foundation under the Canada Revenue Agency and categorized as an Employees' Charity Trust.  All Charities is a workplace campaign that enables employees to donate to charities of their choice through the convenience of payroll deduction or a one-time gift by cash or cheque.  The All Charities Campaign is volunteer driven by employees of the Manitoba Government and its affiliates.  The decision of how much to give and to which charities is left entirely up to each individual donor.  Since its inception in 1966, the All Charities Campaign has raised over $41 million for thousands of charities within Manitoba and across Canada.

All Charities is quite unique in that it truly is what the name implies ... "All Charities" are eligible to receive donations ... any one of the 85,000+ registered in Canada!  One of the biggest features of this campaign is that 100% of every donation collected is paid to the charities - not one penny is used for administration purposes or processing fees.  And, in fact, every charity named during a campaign receives 100% plus!  How does that work?  Well, each year we have employees that donate, but they do not designate the funds to a particular agency.  These unallocated donations are pooled until the end of the year. Once all the donations collected have been verified and totalled, each charity will receive a pro-rated share of the unallocated donations.  For example, if a charity received 2% of the total donations collected, they would receive 2% of the unallocated donations ... very fair and simple process.

In the fall of 2015, the campaign neared the $2.0 million mark  - $1,944,041 was pledged to hundreds of charitable organizations (see Results & Reports)!  We congratulate and thank the dedicated volunteers who make this campaign a success each year.  Special thanks to the donors for their generosity!   

Mission Statement

To encourage philanthropy and to provide current and retired employees of the Manitoba Government and its affiliates, with an annual convenient method of giving to registered charities of their choice.

Our Campaign values are:

  • Accessibility: opportunity provided for all employees and pensioners; voluntary; confidential

  • Service: simplicity of service; makes charitable giving easier; maximizes choices

  • Neutrality: charity neutral; does not promote specific causes

  • Partnership: current and retired employees; Government of Manitoba; Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union and 13 affiliated employee groups

NOTE:  The All Charities Campaign does not accept funding requests or applications from charitable agencies.  Donations are directed to specific agencies by the donor and our role is to disburse the donations on their behalf to the charities of their choice.

More than 20,000 current and retired employees are eligible to participate. The participating employee groups are as follows and are listed from largest to smallest employer.

Government of Manitoba
Civil Service Superannuation Fund Retirees
Manitoba Liquor and Lotteries
Southern Health
Red River College
Assiniboine Community College
University College of the North
Addictions Foundation of Manitoba
The Property Registry
Civil Service Superannuation Board
Manitoba Government and General Employees' Union
Willow Place
Travel Manitoba
Communities Economic Development Fund

430-405 Broadway, Winnipeg MB R3C 3L6

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